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History and Goals

History and Goals


The College of Engineering at UC Riverside was established in July, 1988. The College first admitted freshmen in the chemical and environmental engineering programs in Fall, 1990 and graduated its first class in June, 1994. In the first year of eligibility, the Chemical and Environmental Engineering programs sought and received accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Because of the close association of the research interests of the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering faculty, as well as the overlap of the undergraduate curriculum, these two programs have been merged administratively into the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Other departments in the College of Engineering are the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In July 1998, the University of California and the California Post-Secondary Education Commission approved the graduate program in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. The first graduate students in Chemical and Environmental Engineering began taking graduate course work starting in Winter 1999.

Goals and Objectives

The overall goals of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering are to build, develop, and maintain meaningful and innovative high quality educational and research programs.

The objective for the undergraduate program is to provide our students with a sound broad-based curriculum emphasizing fundamental principles, hands-on laboratory experience, and good communication skills. In doing so, we hope to provide our students with a foundation that will allow them to develop and adapt to the diverse interest areas within chemical engineering or environmental engineering, and that will allow them to succeed throughout their professional career or successfully pursue advanced studies in a top-ranked graduate program.

Graduate students are expected to deepen their understanding of fundamental principles in chemical and environmental engineering, and increase their knowledge of the needs and directions in their chosen field of study. Our goal is to produce engineers with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering who will be highly trained in the methods of scientific inquiry and technological discovery through advanced course work and independent research. We want to prepare our graduates for research/development and leadership positions in industry and government, and for research and teaching positions at major research universities.

To take advantage of the complementary skills and expertise of our faculty in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and other departments, research programs in the department are collaborative and interdisciplinary. Research is performed in six major areas:

  • Biotechnology
  • Air Quality Systems Engineering
  • Water Quality Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Energy Systems
  • Computation and Molecular Modeling

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