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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Our Vision
"The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside will be known for leadership in research and education that focuses on environmental quality improvements through the application of chemical engineering principles."
Our Mission
"The mission of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering is to prepare students for professional practice, graduate study, and life long learning, and to advance the scientific and technological basis for chemical and environmental engineering practice."

Because of the rapidly changing technological society in which we live, today's chemical and environmental engineering graduates cannot be rooted into a single, standard mode of operation. They must be able to adapt readily to changing technologies and problem emphases, and develop creative solutions that are responsive to society as a whole. Thus, today's engineering students need to be rooted primarily in principles, not techniques.

The characteristics of our program include:

  • Strong training in fundamental areas of mathematics, science, chemical and environmental engineering that are required to support specialized professional training at the advanced level and to provide necessary breadth to the student’s overall program of studies.
  • Application of this information to modern, practical, relevant design problems common to chemical and environmental engineering practice.
  • In-depth professional training in a range of specialty areas in chemical and environmental engineering.
  • Meaningful laboratory and/or apprenticeship experience throughout the program.
  • Freedom for the student to mold his or her program of professional specialty studies by allowing each student to choose from a number of technical electives and to create her/his own senior year design project under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • A well-rounded and balanced education through required studies in elected areas of the humanities and social sciences.
  • A related goal of the Chemical and Environmental Engineering programs is to provide, to the extent that limited resources allow and subject to the condition that it does not detract from the primary goals stated above, continuing education for locally employed engineers and scientists.

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