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2012 Advisor Selection Forms (11/16/12)

The Faculty Advisor Selection Form is now available on the CEE website:  Please print out the form and write down your 4 selections for faculty advisor.  The form is due on November 26th.  The Graduate Committee will meet that same week and match up students with faculty and you will be informed who your advisor will be in early December. 

Quarterly Advising Forms for Winter 2013 (11/16/12)

The advising forms for Winter quarter courses will be due on November 30th.  Please use the following link to access the interactive PDF:

CEE Seminar: Gyeong Hwang (5/8/12)

Please note that this seminar will be held in Bourns A265, not WCH 205/206.  The time remains the same 9:30-10:30 AM.

CEE/MSE Joint Seminar: Daniel A. Scherson (4/13/12)

CEE and the MSE Program will host a joint seminar next Wednesday April 18th.  This seminar will replace the one that is usually on Friday for next week only.  Please note that the seminar time will be from 1:40-2:30 PM in Bourns A265.

Students:  There will be sign in sheets for both CEE students and MSE students, so please sign in accordingly to obtain credit for attendance.

2012 Preliminary Examination (4/12/12)

All first year Ph.D. students are required to take the exam.  The announcement has all the details about the exam as well as a suggested reading list.  Please fill out the attached Topic Selection Form which is due to me by May 18th.

The Grad Resources website has also been updated with information regarding the exam as well: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

CEE Administrative Suite Move (4/2/12)

This Wednesday April 4th the CEE administrative suite will be moving down to the old Bioengineering suite. Unfortunately the move will mean all of our communication will be down for the day (phones, fax, e-mail, etc.). Please plan ahead and contact us prior to Wednesday if you require anything (purchasing/travel, student affairs, etc), otherwise we can help you when we reopen on Thursday.

Attempted Theft in B359 (3/19/12)

Approximately 15 minutes ago there was an attempted theft in Bourns B359 (Myung grad student office). The suspect ran when confronted.  DO NOT prop open doors to labs or offices.  The suspect was apparently looking for items left out in plain sight that could quickly be grabbed (backpacks, purses, laptops ..etc).   Fortunately, Dr. Myung confronted the person before anything was stolen.

Please be vigilant at all times, report any suspicious individuals and ensure doors are properly closed and secured.


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