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Jun 2016 Dr. Liu is selected as a Hellman Fellow for 2016-2017 for his research on water reuse treatment. The UCR Hellman Fellows Program awards fellowships to faculty at the rank of assistant professor who exhibit potential for great distinction in their area of expertise.

Apr 2016 Our group receives a research grant from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southern California World Water Forum College Grant Program. The project is aimed to develop inland concentrate management strategies.

Mar 2016 Dr. Liu gave invited research seminars during his visits to Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and University of Salerno in Italy.

Mar 2016 Dr. Liu co-organized a symposium focused on metals and metalloids at ACS Spring Meeting in San Diego, CA. Graduate student Gongde also gave an oral presentation on hexavalent chromium removal in this symposium.

Mar 2016 Our group received a National Science Foundation EAGER award to develop novel electrochemical tools to understand redox pathways of metals and their intermediates in water treatment processes.

Feb 2016 Our group attended the Emerging Contaminant Summit in Denver, CO. Dr. Liu organized and chaired a session on hexavalent chromium issues, Gongde won one of the Best Student Poster Awards. Congratulations!

Jan 2016 Dr. Liu was interviewed by Chemical & Engineering News and discussed lead release in drinking water and metal corrosion in water distribution systems. Read more at C&EN.

Dec 2015 Michelle's paper on hexavalent chromium formation via oxidative pathways in drinking water has been accepted by Environmental Science & Technology

Dec 2015 Our paper on persulfate based groundwater remediation has been accepted by Environmental Science & Technology. Lucy contributed to the identification of degradation products. 

Nov 2015 Our group attended the 12th International Symposium on Persistent Toxic Substances. Lucy won the Best Poster Presentation. Congratulations!

May 2015 In collaboration with colleagues at CEE and Chemistry departments, UCR Collaborative Seed Program and UCR Catalysis Center supports our research on reductive photocatalyst for water treatment.

May 2015 PhD student Tushar Jain is awarded a Research Fellowship from Southern California Salinity Coalition. Congratulations!

Apr 2015 PhD student Sam Patton is awarded the highly competitive Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Congratulations!

Apr 2015 Undergraduate students Alex Numa, Natalia Camargos and Priscila Coehlo joined our lab. Welcome!

Mar 2015 Together with colleagues from University of New Mexico and Temple University, Dr. Liu organized a symposium focused on surface redox processes at ACS Spring Meeting in Denver, CO. There were more than 90 participants, including 25 oral presentations. Graduate students Lucy Li and Michelle Chebeir also gave their first oral presentation at a national conference, respectively. 

Dec 2014 CEE PhD students Gongde Chen and Tushar Jain join our lab. Welcome!

Dec 2014 Our recent collaborative work with April Gu at Northeastern University and David Sedlak at UC Berkeley is published on Science of the Total Environment.

Nov 2014 Dr. Liu gives an invited seminar at Georgia Tech.

Nov 2014 The Liu group attend the annual National Water Research Institute Conference in conjunction with the Clarke Prize Award Ceremony.

Sep 2014 PhD student Sam Patton from Environmental Toxicology joins our group. Welcome! Sam is also selected to receive a UCR Water IGERT Fellowship. Congratulations!

Aug 2014 Dr. Liu publishes a paper on sulfate radical driven groundwater remediation on Environmental Science & Technology.

Aug 2014 Dr. Liu gives a talk on hexavalent chromium in drinking water at the ACS annual meeting in the symposium in honor of Professor Richard Valentine.

Jul 2014 Steve Opot, Catherine Charlton, Sam Patton, Evan Kruchowy, Ruben Orozco and Heidi Li join our group.

Jul 2014 Dawit Wordofa successfully defended his MS thesis. Congratulations!

Apr 2014 Dr. Liu attended Gordon Research Conference on Water in New Hampshire.

Jun 2014 Our group gave seminars at Norco College and Riverside Community College as part of outreach activities.

May 2014 Congratulations to Dawit Wordofa on receiving an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award at UCR. 

Apr 2014 Dr. Liu gives an invited seminar at UCLA.

Apr 2014  PhD students Lucy Li and Michelle Chebeir are awarded the highly competitive Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF) from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Congratulations! More news about this award can be found here.

Apr 2014  Lamees Alkhamis won the UCR HSI Undergraduate Research Award in Spring quarter. Congratulations!

Apr 2014  Matthew Chen from Environmental Toxicology joins our lab as a new graduate student. Welcome!

Mar 2014  Our group attended the American Water Works Association California-Nevada Sectional Conference in Anaheim, CA. Lucy Li presented her research on oxidative groundwater remediation, Dawit Wordofa presented his work on sulfate radical disinfection and Lamees Alkhamis presented her work on chromium treatment. Lamees and Lucy won the Second and Third Place in Young Professional Poster Competition, respectively. 

Feb 2014  Our group attended California Groundwater Association Emerging Contaminants Symposium in Concord, CA. Han Sohn and Michelle Chebeir presented their research on chromium transformation pathways, and Lucy Li presented her research on persulfate remediation. 

Jan 2014  Lamees Alkhamis won the UCR HSI Undergraduate Research Award in Winter quarter. Congratulations!

Jan 2014  The California Institute for Water Resources supports our research on hexavalent chromium redox pathways.

Sep 2013 Michelle Chebeir joins our group as a new graduate student. Welcome!

Jun 2013 Dr. Liu attended the biennial conference of Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors in Golden, CO. Dr. Liu gave a presentation on groundwater remediation. 

May 2013 Dr. Liu's paper on metal release from drinking water distribution systems in desalinated water is published on Water Research

Mar 2013 Lucy Li joins our group as a new graduate student. Welcome!

Jan 2013 Dawit Wordofa joins our group as a new graduate student. Welcome!

Jan 2013 Liu research group opens at UC Riverside!

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