University of California, Riverside

Department of Chemical Engineering

Seminar 2008-2009

Colloquium Calendar 2008-2009 

Fall Quarter 2008(A265 Bourns Hall, 9:30-10:30AM)

 9/26/08 No Colloquium Scheduled

(Distinguished) Mike Pishko

Texas A&M Encapsulation of Drug Nanoparticles in Self-Assembled Macromolecular Nanoshells

JoAnn Silverstein

University of Colorado Biostimulation for Source Control of Acid Mine Drainage: pore to field-scale experiments and modeling
(Distinguished) Alex Bell
Berkeley Putting the Right Spin on Chemical Engineering
 10/31/08 (Distinguished) Rick Flagan Cal Tech Probing the Formation and Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols

Bob Powell

UC Davis Experimental Methods for the Study of Multiphase Materials
 11/14/08 Yu-Lei Yu-Lei University of Connecticut Metal Oxide Nanomaterials and Their Application in Biosensors


No Colloquium Scheduled
 11/28/08 Thanksgiving Holiday No Colloquium Scheduled
(Distinguished) Menachem Elimelech
Yale Aggregation and Bacterial Cytotoxicity of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials in Aquatic Environments

Winter Quarter 2009(A265 Bourns Hall, 9:30-10:30AM)

01/09/09 No Colloquium Scheduled


No Colloquium Scheduled

(Distinguished) Wei-Shou Hu

Minnesota Reaction Engineering Classics in Systems Biotechnology
01/30/09 (Distinguished) Bob Kelly NC State Extremely Thermophilic Microorganisms: Genes, Genomes and Genomics

Shekhar Garde

RPI Hydrophobic Hydration and Interactions: Effects of Lengthscales, Attractions, and Interfaces

Bruce Dale

Michigan State Cellulosic Ethanol: Thinking Clearly About Related Energy, Food and Environmental Issues
02/20/09 (Distinguished) Phil Singer University of North Carolina Integrated Analysis of the Removal of Natural Organic Matter by Magnetic Ion Exchange

Kelvin Lee

Delaware Enhancing Protein Secretion: the old, the new, and the unexpected
Robert Brown
Iowa State Prospects for Thermochemical Biofuels
03/13/09 No Colloquium Scheduled

Spring Quarter 2009(A265 Bourns Hall, 9:30-10:30AM)


Hal Monbouquette
UCLA Micromachined Multielectrode Microsensors for Neurotransmitters

Winny Dong 

Cal Poly Faculty Position in Primarily Undergraduate Institutions – Is It For You?

William J. Cooper

UCI Free Radical Chemistry of Chloropicrin: Linking Chemistry, Treatment, and Health Effects
04/24/09 (Distinguished) Bruce Gates UC Davis Molecular Catalysis on Surfaces

05/01/09 (Distinguished) Pratim Biswas

Washington University Nanoparticle Aerosol Science and Technology Enabling Advanced Energy Technologies

Stacey Bent Stanford

Stanford New Approaches to Making Materials for Sustainable Energy Devices
Mary Rezac
Kansas State Kansas's Role in Providing Sustainable, Renewable Energy Solutions for the 21st Century.

Neil M. Donahue

Carnegie Mellon Evolving Volatility of Organic Aerosols
05/29/09 No Colloquium Scheduled
06/05/09 (Distinguished) Paul Bohn Notre Dame Nanopores and Nanowires: Transport, Reactivity and Chemical Analysis at Small Dimensions

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