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Drew Story, PhD Candidate

Drew is currently studying the mechanisms of aggregation and deposition for 2-dimensional nanomaterials in aquatic systems.
In addition to his research, Drew is most passionate about the inclusion of science in the policy-making process and has been developing the skills necessary to contribute to this effort after he graduates, including spearheading a new Designated Emphasis in Public Policy at UCR. Drew enjoys being involved in science communication, curating his writings on his website,



Chen Chen, PhD Candidate

Chen Chen received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University in 2013 and is currently a National Water Research Institute fellow at UCR.  Her dissertation research focuses on systematically investigating how model engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) behave in engineered filters under a range of relevant solution chemistry conditions. The goal of her work is to provide considerable insight into the physicochemical mechanisms that control ENP removal from drinking water. She wants to pursue an academia career to motivate more people to pursue science and engineering careers to better our communities. She also enjoys on the weekends gardening and various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking riding, photographing, and has been playing the piano for about 20 years.


Holly Mayton, PhD Candidate

Holly Mayton is a third year PhD candidate, originally from Virginia Beach, VA. She received her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2014, where she developed an interest in the food-water nexus while working with Engineers Without Borders. Her dissertation research focuses on the transport of foodborne pathogens in agricultural waters, and their attachment and removal from spinach leaf surfaces. This work aims to improve our knowledge of bacterial adhesion mechanisms on food surfaces and disinfectants’ efficacy in realistic, dynamic flow conditions, in order to ultimately influence food safety policies, which significantly lack science-based standards and public trust. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in science policy at the intersection of global water and food systems. In her free time, she enjoys growing heirloom tomatoes, eating Mexican food, and visiting national parks.



Travis Waller, PhD Candidate

Travis Waller graduated from The North Carolina A&T State University in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. He is currently studying nanoparticle fate, transport, and transformation in wastewater treatment systems. His larger research interests include the optimization of decentralized wastewater treatment and education strategies at the high school and collegiate levels. In his leisure time, he enjoys watching movies, playing various team sports, and learning more about world history and practices of different cultures.


Caroline Kim, PhD Candidate

Caroline is currently working on this project which will give insights to the impact of representative cleaning agents on individual biofilm components, the interactions between the collector surface and individual components and ultimately, to design an efficient microbial cleaning strategies for fouled surfaces. This work will help to ensure a safe and sustainable operation of water supply and enhance the performance of membrane-based water treatment processes.



Unnati Rao, PhD Candidate

Unnati's current research interests lie in the recovery of nutrients and other resources from wastewater. The project she is working on aims to separating the effluent from hydrothermal liquefaction into two streams: A nutrient rich stream containing mainly nitrogen and phosphorus; and a high-quality aqueous stream. We are using the membrane distillation technique to achieve this, thus enabling the utilization of waste heat from the HTL system. The membrane is expected to foul as the feed stream is rich in organics. Anti-fouling mechanisms such as using electrically conductive membranes are being investigated.

Undergraduate Team:

Stephen Boggs

Stephen Boggs, B.S. 2017


Christian Urena, B.S. 2017


Benjamin Davis, B.S. 2017



Graduate Student Alumni:


Alicia Taylor, PhD 2015

Consultant at Xponent


Jake Lanphere, PhD 2014

Assistant Professor at Cal Baptist University


Ryan Honda, PhD 2014
Jessamine Quijano, M.S. 2013


Ian Marcus, PhD 2012

Researcher/Lecturer UCR


Indranil Chowdury, PhD, 2012

Assistant Professor, Washington State University Spokane

Amy Shin Hwei Gong, PhD 2011
Parham Javadinajjar, MS 2011
Kelsey Whitaker, MS 2011
Olgun Zorlu, MS 2010
Sidy Ba, MS 2010

Assistant Professor Sultanate of Oman

Berat Haznedaroglu, PhD 2010

Assistant Professor at SUNY Buffalo

Hyunjung "Nick" Kim, PhD 2009
Assistant Professor, Chongbuk National University, Korea
Gexin Chen, PhD 2009
US EPA, Washington D.C.

Visiting Scholar and Postdoctoral Alumni

Jenia Gutman, PhD

Ben Gurion University of the Negev,Israel, Summer/Fall 2012

Meirav Cohen, PhD

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Summer/Fall 2012

Diana Ferrando, PhD

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Summer/Fall 2012

Saeed Torkzaban PhD 200
University of Utrecht
Shiva Shojae Tazehkand, PhD 2007 University of Utrecht
David Ginsburg, PhD 2007 USC

UCR Postdoc 2008-2009

Yongsuk Hong PhD, 2007

Leheigh University; Post-Doc at UCR 2007-2009,

Research Associate at the Korea Environment Institute

Cristina Pablos, PhD

University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

Dr. Cai Peng, PhD

Associate Professor of Soil Sciences, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Avner Ronen
Nichola M. Kinsinger, PhD


AAAS Policy Fellow



Undergraduate Alumni

Teresa Buckingham

B.S. 2006, Chemical Engineering

Hanh Nguyen

B.S. 2006, Environmental Engineering - MSRIP

Dewi Nilasari

B.S. 2007, Chemical Engineering

Christopher Salam

B.S. 2007, Environmental Engineering - UC LEADS

Breanne Bornemann

BS 2009 Environmental Engineering

Su Nwe

BS 2008 Chemical Engineering

James Gutierrez

B.S. 2009

Troy Ezeh

BS 2008, Environmental Engineering

Alex Duchon

BS 2012

Steve Opot

BS 2012

Louise Daniels

BS 2012

Elizabeth Horstman

BS 2012

Shanin Quazi

BS 2012

Tyler Abercrombie

BS 2012

Hailey Wilder

B.S. 2013

Jose Valle De Leon

BS 2013

Brian Cruz

BS, 2014

Tim Chow

BS, 2014

Corey Luth

BS, 2014

Valerie Keene

BS student at Howard University

Risa Guysi

B.S. 2013

Aaron Coyoca
Rosalva Chavez
Christina Gerges
James Kim
Adam Alonzo
Brian Perez
Brian Perez
Melissa Reimer
Karynn Kirby
Crystal Bray
Matt Yates
Kathy Nguyen Huynh
Magda Benavides
Melissa Sy
Mathew Graham



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