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Accredited by the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.orgdepartment news

Two CEE undergrads, Jose and Shilpan, won the national competition for mobile app design at the AIChE conference. 

Undergraduate student teams created an APP for a mobile device such as a smartphone (iPhone Android, Blackberry, etc). The award includes individual certificates and a monetary prize for the Student Chapter. 

Sharon Walker

Sharon Walker Appointed Associate Dean of Graduate Division

John Babbage Chair of Environmental Engineering and CEE Professor Sharon Walker has been appointed as Associate Dean of Graduate Division.  The appointment is responsible for graduate student recruitment and outreach, oversight of GradSuccess programs and graduate student funding opportunities.

Robert Haddon

Robert Haddon Among Five UCR Scientists Recognized for World's Most Influential Scientific Minds

Thomson Reuters, a leading source of information for businesses and professionals, has included five researchers at the University of California, Riverside in its 2014 list of “some of the best and brightest minds of our times.”  Read More

Sharon Walker

Sharon Walker Named ELATE Fellow for 2014-2015

John Babbage Chair of Environmental Engineering and CEE Professor Sharon Walker has been named a fellow of ELATE for 2014-15. ELATE is a core program of the International Center for Executive Leadership within the Institute for Women's Health and Leadership at the Drexel College of Medicine. It focuses on developing personal and professional leadership effectiveness in enhancing an organization's mission. 

Bryan Wong

CEE Welcomes New Faculty Member Bryan Wong

Prior to arriving at UCR, Wong received a Ph.D. in chemical physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). In 2013, Wong moved to Drexel University as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. He specializes in first-principles calculations for predicting electronic properties of photovoltaic materials, functionalized carbon nanotubes, graphene-based materials, and semiconductor nanowires.

Charles Wyman 

Improving Commercial Viability of Biofuels

Charles Wyman is one of the authors of a paper recently published in Science that outlines ways companies can commercialize and profit from what was thought to a waste product created when producing biofuels.  Read More

David Kisailus

Kisailus to Lead Research Team in $7.5M DOD Grant to Investigate Bio-Inspired Materials

David Kisailus, Winston Chung Professor of Energy Innovation in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, will lead a multidisciplinary team of researchers in a $7.5-million Department of Defense grant to uncover design rules and develop scientific foundations for the design of advanced materials inspired by a diverse collection of plant and animal structures.  Read More

Ashok Mulchandani

Mulchandani Named to Endowed Professorship

Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Ashok Mulchandani has been named the W. Ruel Johnson Professor in Environmental Engineering, it was announced recently.
Read More

student news

Belen Oviedo

Postdoctoral associate M. Belén Oviedo receives an ICAM Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

The Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) is a multi-institutional partnership whose purpose is to identify major new research themes in complex adaptive matter and to nucleate and conduct collaborative research and scientific training that links together scientists in different fields and different institutions. Postdoctoral associate M. Belén Oviedo has been awarded an ICAM Postdoctoral Fellowship to conduct collaborative research between the Wong Group at UC Riverside and the Scholes Group at Princeton University. The award provides funding for a two-year period and is entitled “Non-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics in Large Light-Harvesting Pentacene Complexes”

Jacob Lanphere

Graphene Not All Good

In a first-of-its-kind study of how a material some think could transform the electronics industry moves in water, researchers at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering found graphene oxide nanoparticles are very mobile in lakes or streams and therefore likely to cause negative environmental impacts if released.  Read More

Grill team

Catching Grease to Cut Grill Pollution

A team of CEE undergraduate students have designed a tray that when placed under the grates of a backyard grill reduces by 70 percent the level of a harmful pollutant produced during cooking.  Read More

Charles Cai - Wyman Lab

Enhancing Biofuel from Biomass with Novel New Method

A team of researchers, led by Professor Charles E. Wyman, at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering have developed a versatile, relatively non-toxic, and efficient way to convert raw agricultural and forestry residues and other plant matter, known as lignocellulosic biomass, into biofuels and chemicals.  Read More

Michelle Chebier

CEE Graduate Student Michelle Chebier Receives National Science Foundation Fellowship

First year Ph.D. student Michelle Chebier is one of eighteen graduate students at the University of California, Riverside that has received Graduate Research Fellowships (GRFs) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) this year.  The highly competitive fellowships are awarded to individuals early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering. Read More

Jake Lanphere

CEE Graduate Student Jake Lanphere Wins ACS Grad Student Award

Jake Lanphere, a graduate student in chemical and environmental engineering, has been awarded a 2014 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry by the American Chemical Society.  In addition to a cash award, Lanphere will receive a one-year membership in the ACS Environmental Chemistry Division.  Read More

Charles Cai

CEE Graduate Student Charles Cai Awarded 2013-2014 POC Award

4th year UCR CE-CERT graduate student Charles Cai’s (advised by Prof. Charles E. Wyman, Dr. Rajeev Kumar and Dr. Taiying Zhang) proposal was selected as one of this year’s POC 2013-2014 recipients, titled: “Co-Solvent to Promote Biofuel Precursor Production from Biomass”. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development announced the FY2013-2014 Proof of Concept for Technology Commercialization (POC) Award Program.  Read More

News Archive
In the Media
Prof. Wong's paper in Macromolecular Rapid Communications is featured as the cover picture for the September 2014 issue of Macromolecular Rapid Communications (Volume 35, Issue 17) and can be read here
David Kisailus's research on the mantis shrimp is featured in the Washington Post.
CEE Graduate Student Jake Lanphere's research on graphene oxide in groundwater is featured in articles on Gizmodo, Engadget, and GIGAOM.
David Jassby's research on carbon nanotube-coated filters has been highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News.  Read more at C&EN.
David Kisailus's research on the mantis shrimp is featured on NBC Learn.
David Kisailus's research on the mantis shrimp has been featured in a number of publications recently.  Read the articles on: New Scientist, Eurekalert, Phys.Org, and Discover Magazine.
The Press-Enterprise featured a story titled, "UCR develops sensory detection for smart phones," on the research of Nosang Myung, Professor and Chair of Chemical and Environmental Engineering


Myung Lab Demonstrates Smartphone Tablet Integrated Nano Gas Sensor

Nanogassensor Youtube

The Press-Enterprise featured a story titled, "UC RIVERSIDE: Scientist wins air pollution research grant," on the research of Akua Asa-Awuku, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
David Kisailus on Building Materials that Mimic Nature


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