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About the Department

The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside offers leading-edge research and education in fields that will change the future of health, energy, public safety, and the quality of our air, water, and land.

In less than 30 years since the Bourns College of Engineering was established, our Department has risen to become recognized as a leading research organization offering outstanding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate education, research, and industrial collaboration.

The Department and two closely affiliated research centers (the College of Engineering-Center for Environmental Research and Technology and the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering) are leading the way on overcoming some of the most challenging scientific and technological problems of our time. For example, our faculty and students are leaders in the development of innovative methods to control air pollution and emissions from transportation and industrial sources. We are developing technologies to assure abundant supplies of safe drinking water. We are applying nanoscience principles to the creation of new sensors that can detect toxic substances in air or water rapidly, accurately, and inexpensively. And we are advancing toward the development of clean and renewable fuels and energy that can provide for society's needs sustainably and economically.

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