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Colloquium Calendar 2012-2013

Fall 2012     Winter 2013     Spring 2013

Location: Bourns A265, Fridays: 9:30 - 10:30 AM
April 5 Charles Greer, Jr., Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Research Affairs, UC Riverside

April 12

CEE Lab Safety Seminar
April 19

No colloquium scheduled

April 26

No colloquium scheduled

May 3

Christopher Jones, Georgia Institute of Technology
Technical Challenges Associated with CO2 Capture: Materials and Process Chemistry Advances for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and CO2 Utilization (Flyer)

May 10 Marc Ostermeier, Johns Hopkins University
Design Principles of Protein Switches, Genetic Circuits, and the Genetic Code (Flyer)
May 17

Hank Ashbaugh, Tulane University
Who's Afraid of the Hydrophobic Effect? (Flyer)

May 24

Ruoxue Yan, UC Berkeley
Nanowire Photonics: From Subcellular Imaging to Solar Energy Conversion (Flyer)

May 31

Matthew DeLisa, Cornell University
Bacterial Glycoengineering: From Enzymes and Pathways to Human Therapies and Vaccines (Flyer)

June 3

Distinguished Speaker Seminar
David Ollis, North Carolina State University
Unscrambling the Photochemical and Photocatalytic Kinetics of Multi-Reaction Liquid Phase Systems: Dye Degradation by Direct and Indirect Photochemistry (Flyer)

June 7

Distinguished Speaker Seminar
Jun Liu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Interfacial Chemistry in Materials Synthesis and Performance for Energy (Flyer)

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