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Location: Winston Chung Hall 205/206, Fridays: 9:30 - 10:30 AM
April 4

Marc A. Edwards, Virginia Tech
The Washington D.C. Lead Crisis and Its Aftermath (Flyer)

April 11

Eric Shusta, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mimicking the Blood-Brain Barrier In Vitro and Overcoming it In Vivo (Flyer)
April 18

Roya Maboudian, UC Berkeley
Silicon Carbide Micro/Nanosystems for Sensing and Energy Applications (Flyer)

April 25 Kathy Cocker, Development Engineer and Lab Safety Officer
Professional Development: Lab Safety Seminar
May 2

Amy J. Karlsson, University of Maryland
Engineering Peptides and Proteins to Combat Human Disease (Flyer)

May 9

Mike Bergin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Particulate Matters: Warming the Arctic, Cooling the Southeastern US and Influencing Human Health Everywhere...And That's Not All (Flyer)

May 16

J. Will Medlin, University of Colorado Boulder
Controlling Selectivity in Heterogeneous Catalysis by Surface and Near-Surface Design (Flyer)

May 23 Patrick Chuang, UC Santa Cruz
Can Meteorology Obfuscate Aerosol Effects on Clouds? (Flyer)
May 30

Thomas Truskett, University of Texas at Austin


June 6 Peter M. Tessier, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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