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Location: Winston Chung Hall 205/206, Fridays: 9:30 - 10:30 AM
January 10 Daniel Giammar, Washington University in St. Louis
Chemical Reaction and Transport Controls of Carbonate Mineral Formation in Geologic Carbon Sequestration (Flyer)

January 17

Thomas Harmon, UC Merced
Climate Variability in the Snow-Rain Transition Zone of California's Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Understanding Impacts and Adapting in the San Joaquin Valley (Flyer)

January 24

No Seminar Scheduled

January 31

Distinguished Seminar Speaker: Harvey Blanch, UC Berkeley
Biotechnology - Translating Modern Biology into Products and Processes (Flyer)

February 7

Philip Romero, UC San Francisco
Data Driven Protein Engineering: Learning the Sequence-Function Mapping From Experimental Data

February 14

Letian Dou, UCLA

Breaking 10% Power Conversion Efficiency of Polymer Tandem Solar Cells via Molecular Engineering

February 21

Scarlett Widgeon, UC Santa Barbara
Structural Investigations of Short and Intermediate-Range Structures of Ceramic and Inorganic Materials by Solid-State NMR

February 28 Bryan Wong, Drexel University
Predictive and Fast: First-Principles Calculations of Energy Transfer in Molecular Photovoltaics, Carbon Nanotubes, and Nanowires
March 7 Eric Hoek, UCLA
Oil-Water Separations Science and Technology for Oil Spill Cleanup and Environmental Remediation (Flyer)
March 14 TBA

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