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Chemical and Environmental Engineering

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Mantis shrimp
Smashing Success
Alumnus Garrett Milliron co-invented a materials science technology that was inspired by the “smasher” mantis shrimp and was recently used to develop a "bioinspired marvel," high-performance, impact-resistant hockey equipment
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Engineering student professional organizations soar to success
Financial support from October’s annual BCOE Match Challenge helped drum up donations for student professional organizations, totaling the most donors in the challenge’s six-year history.
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Clearing the Air
Profile on new Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering faculty member Markus Petters and his research focus on suspended particulate matter with an emphasis on their health threats and on understanding when and why these particles react in the atmosphere.
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modified plants
Plants transformed into detectors of dangerous chemicals
What if your house plant could tell you your water isn’t safe? Scientists are closer to realizing this vision, having engineered a plant to turn beet red in the presence of a banned, toxic pesticide. 
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Senior Design allows future engineers to get hands-on learning and tackle industry problems
Projects are highlighted on campus with public displays, poster presentations, and special events, such as department open houses and the Bioengineering and Materials Science Senior Design Showcase held on May 12 and the Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Poster Exhibition on June 5.
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Engineering students receiving a total of $46,000 in scholarships were encouraged to connect outside the classroom
Our scholars got dollars. Nearly 40 future engineers received financial support this past academic year in the form of scholarship awards ranging largely between $1,000 and $2,500. While this financial support assists Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) students in covering some of the costs of their education, the scholarship-application process is meant to do something more: encourage them to make critical connections with the campus community beyond the classroom. In reviewing scholarship applicants, committees review student engagement. Examples of such engagement
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Forever chemical destruction process concept
Process turns harmful pollutants into harmless substances
UCR scientist discover chemical reaction pathways that destroy certain toxic water pollutants and render them into harmless substances.
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Yujie Men and Bosen Jin
Biological cleanup discovered for certain “forever chemicals”
University of California, Riverside, chemical and environmental engineering scientists have identified two species of bacteria found in soil that break down a class of stubborn “forever chemicals,” giving hope for low-cost biological cleanup of industrial pollutants. 
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